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About the Boards

Each board is adorned with feathers, plant medicine, and a stone.

Fire has the power to move the soul. Our Ancestors knew that fire contained great power and harnessed it for their most sacred ceremonies. This power is available to all of us. The boards are meant for burning in an intentional sacred setting or ceremonial sacred setting. The Board allows you to bring something tangible into your life through attraction, action, and belief.

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Feathers, Flora, and Adornments


Feathers symbolize hope and spiritual growth. They represent good luck, love and an abundance of wealth and knowledge! These to are a keepsake for your journey. You can even use the quail feather for future smudging!!


Plant Medicine

  • Sage: which clears away any negative energy and attracts positive energy.  

  • Lavender: is known spiritually to be restoring and calming bringing about happiness, love protection, peace, and purification! 

  • Larkspur: helps open the heart symbolizes grace, dignity, desire for laughter and change ability!  

  • Cypress -Provides valuable insight into our lives, allowing us to grieve through what we are ready to release. The cypress tree, like all trees, represents the symbolic idea of growth.



Dedicate your stone to what your heart desires, this could be  the intention of your burning, if it is not, dedicate it to what your mind and heart are calling for♥

This powerful stone is a keepsake for your journey.

Colorful Crystal
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